Questions & Answers

I am constantly asked by clients questions about working with the guardian angels and spirit guides. As I have had numerous Near Death Experiences (NDEs) I have had glimpses of what it is like to be on the other side. Below are some commonly asked questions about Angels, Guides and Spirit.


Why do guides appear to us in human form if they are beings of light?

They present themselves in a manner that will be acceptable to you. Human form is what you recognise, so they take on that form. They also offer you the strengths and learning of that lifetime, whatever they may be. Many of the guides that you have asked to support your growth, are souls with whom you have spent a past lifetime, sometimes many. They offer you the knowledge, love and understanding of that lifetime which has been enhanced by the spiritual light in which they exist.

How Many Guides Do We Have?

The answer is how many you need. Your needs are constantly changing, so too is your guidance. When you are young and have just entered the physical world, your guidance is suited to the needs of a child. Think of the children with so called imaginary friends (they may not be so imaginary after all). The needs of the adolescent, the adult, the parent and the elderly are all different. Each time you change direction in your life, your needs change. Your guidance is a continually changing process, determined by your own needs.



Do All Of Your Guides Stay With You Through Your Lifetime?

Your life’s journey is supported by several guides who will stay with you throughout this lifetime. There are those who have already completed what was promised and there are others yet to be invited to help. Each time you choose a path or direction, then your spiritual needs change. At other times you may need help of a physical nature. A need to find the right doctor, or find the right person to help you on the physical plane. Then other entities with a specific connection with your needs will assist during this time of crisis. They come and they go as the need arises.