About Debbie’s Journey


Debbie Malone is an Internationally acclaimed and highly respected psychic, clairvoyant, medium and psychometry expert, who over the past 28 years has been investigating and developing her abilities. Debbie is based in Sydney, Australia.

Debbie is a best-selling International author who has written four books: • Never Alone • Clues From Beyond • Awaken Your Psychic Abilities • Always With You.

Debbie has also created a series of best-selling Angel cards: • Angel Whispers • Angel Wishes Card – (Affirmation Cards) • Angel Reading • Guardian Angel – (Illustrated Reading cards).

Debbie was voted by the Australian and International Psychic Association: • Psychic of the Year for New South Wales in 2005 • Psychic of the Year for Australia in 2013.

Debbie’s books: Never Alone and Clues From Beyond document some of the work she had done with Australian Law Enforcement over the past 28 years.

Debbie assists police Australia-wide to bring new light on unsolved murder investigations and missing persons cases. The information Debbie receives has been very successful in providing new lines of enquiry, criminal profiles and identikits of perpetrators through working with police identikit artists and through using an identikit app to provide images of suspects.

Due to Debbie’s mediumship abilities she can make contact with the deceased victim and provide insight into who, what, when and why the crime was committed.

Debbie is regularly interviewed on television, radio and national print. Television appearances include: • Scream Test – Series • Today Tonight • Sensing Murder - Australian & New Zealand Series • Sunrise • The Today Show • Who’s Been Sleeping in My House • The Morning Show • Today Extra • The Project • Studio Ten • The One – Series II – Finalist • Goosebumps – Japanese Programme. Debbie has also featured in a number of podcasts.

Debbie has seen and sensed spirit since a child. Debbie has experienced six Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and at the age of 28 had a miscarriage. Due to these experiences her unique abilities were heightened and brought to the fore, once and for all. Since that time onwards, Debbie has provided the link for thousands of people to communicate with their loved ones who have passed on.

Through Debbie’s Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and journeys to the other side she has been able to give insight into what she experienced as well as making contact with the those in spirit. Debbie’s abilities help her clients by connecting them with their departed loved ones. Clients have reported a sense of closure and healing by being able to connect to their loved ones.

Communication happens in various ways. Debbie is clairvoyant (to see), clairsentient (to feel) and clairaudient (to hear). Debbie is also a medium so this means she can see and communicate with those in the spirit world.  

Debbie regularly runs workshops teaching students how to tune into their own higher self and how to become attuned with their spirit guides and guardian angels.