It all started when…

Debbie was the reluctant psychic, she never envisaged she would be a psychic medium. Debbie was always open to the spiritual realms, but it wasn't until she had six Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and a miscarriage that she began to understand what the spiritual world truly was. Through her journeys to the other-side she is able to give insight into what she experienced as well as making contact with the spirit world. Debbie feels blessed to be able to live between two worlds every day and share messages from the spirit realm with you.

Debbie received confirmation of her gifts after a miscarriage when she was 28 years old. Due to this occurrence her unique abilities were heightened and since that time on she has provided the link for thousands of people to communicate with their loved ones, who have passed.

Debbie;s abilities help her clients by connecting them with their departed loved ones. During the sessions clients have reported a sense of closure and healing by being able to connect with their passed loved ones. Through mediumship it is possible to give confirmation that our spirit lives on once we have left our physical body. While our physical bodies can’t be seen after death, this doesn’t mean that life itself doesn’t exist beyond the death of our physical body.

Death is just another progression in our souls journey to enlightenment and fulfilment of purpose. The difference between a psychic and a spirit medium is: A psychic tunes into your energy field which is called your aura, through doing this the psychic can provide knowledge about past, present and future events. A spirit medium is the connection between the physical world and the spirit world. A reading with myself is a three way process involving the spirit, the medium and the client.

Debbie acts as the go between the client in the physical world and the spirit in the spirit world. Communication happens in various ways. Debbie is a: Clairvoyant (to see), Clairsentient (to feel) and Clairaudient (to hear). During a reading she will endeavour to give the most tangible evidence possible that your loved ones are still with you even though they are in the spirit world.

Debbie runs workshops teaching students how to tune into their own higher self and how to become connected with their spirit guides and guardian angels. Always remember it is better to tell your loved ones you love them while they are alive. Although it is possible to communicate with them through a medium when they have passed, it is far better to tell them while they are still with you in the physical world.